Discover how our platform makes cycling hassle-free and enjoyable by offering top-notch service and quality bicycles. Whether it’s electric, cargo, kids bikes, or any other type or model, we’ve got you covered.

Got a breakdown?

If your bicycle breakdown, or simply want to perform a servicing, book online now or contact us via Whatsapp

We’ll answer you in no time!


Choose from our 3 different plans according to your bicycle use. Our subscriptions packages go for 12 months.

All the labor costs are included in your package. Or do a pay-as-you-go intervention.

We come directly to you

We do our best to be at your location of choice within 1 hour depending on the current demand. Intervention are usually performed within 45 mins.

If the repair cannot be done on site due to spare parts shortage, we return your bicycle fixed within 72 hours. 

Enjoy your repair

Our repairs are guaranteed two weeks, so that if anything goes wrong, you contact us. If it appears to be our fault, we’ll replace the part at no charge.



How quickly can you be at my place?

Once your breakdown request has been accepted, we intervene within 1 hour in Luxembourg. You can always book a repair to a specific date and time.

How do I pay for spare parts?

If your breakdown intervention requires spare parts, we will send you the bill for them in the next 24 hours.

What type of repairs do you cover?

We cover almost every repair possible on electric and mechanical bicycle. However, structural repairs such as welding, soldering, and rust patching are not performed.

Do you only operate in Luxembourg?

For now, yes. However, our aim is operate throughout the European Union.

What if you cannot fix my problem?

It rarely happens but it can. If we do not have the right spare part for your breakdown, we will fix your bicycle within 72 hours.

What language do you speak?

Our user interface is in English. Nevertheless, our mechanics speak English, French , and German.

Who is The Happy Cyclist?

The Happy Cyclist is a Luxembourg-based start-up that delivers fast and affordable bicycle repairs anywhere in the country.

What does my subscription package include?

For any intervention request you do, you only have to pay for the spare parts used during our service and the transport fee. The labor fee is already included in your subscription. Cool, right! By the way, if no parts are used, there is no additional fee.

How long is my subscription?

Our subscription go for a minimum period of 12 months.  You can renew or cancel your subscription after that.

If I have spare parts already, can you install them?

For sure, that is not a problem! If our mechanic considers the spare part is not appropriate or defective, he or she will not install it. Your safety and smile is our priority.

How long does it take to fix a problem?

Depending on the situation, your breakdown is usually fixed within 45 mins.

What if I breakdown in the middle of the forest?

Once you share your location, our mechanic will share a meeting point closest to you that is accessible by road.  You’ll get going in no time!

What if my bicycle breaks down again after an intervention?

All of our repairs are guaranteed two weeks. If the problem is excatly the same within this time period,  and it is determined to be our mistake, we’ll intervene again, at no charge.

What are your business hours?

We’re open Monday-Sunday 9am – 6pm

Where is your main office?

The Happy Cyclist is a mobile workshop. Our administrative offices are located 4 rue Tubis, L-2629 Luxembourg

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